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The historic Victorian Era Wharf Master's House mansion was built in 1865

The century old wharf masters house is the centerpiece of our inn.  It is
important enough to the history of the area that it is listed on the
national Register of historic buildings.  Today it is the oldest bit of
history that is being made available for guests to use in this part of

 Historic Wharf Master's Guest House Suite


It features many fine architectural detail prevalent in mid-nineteenth century buildings. No expense was spared in  the construction of this home as the attention to detail was impeccable, and remains to this day the oldest home in Point Arena. The Wharf Master’s house is a Victorian style house with three bedrooms and four queen size beds that can sleep up to eight, a full kitchen, formal dining room with antique furniture, living room with satellite TV and a spa room with a two person Jacuzzi and fireplace. The house has two decks and a private balcony which has a panoramic ocean view.


Whether you stay in the historic house or in the modern inn you are in a
place with many surprising facets that few people outside the area are aware
exist here.  There are several superb restaurants nearby and the proximity
of the ocean laces emphasis on the concept of fresh seafood.  A classic old
cinema has been restored by local volunteers.  The house offers first run
movies on a daily basis and, on occasion, delightful live theater.
Horseback riding is available at nearby stables.  Beachcombing on a variety
of different types of beaches is spectacular and some say good for the soul.
Point Arena and the surrounding rivers, creeks, fields, and meadows are
important stopping places for the travelers along the Great Flyway that
stretches from the Arctic to South America.  Offshore the marine version of
this constant migration of natures creatures permits one to enjoy whale
watching in the spring and fall and fishing year around.


Historical Information Regarding

The Wharf Masters Inn

The Wharf masters house and Eastlake cottage, is surely the most elaborately
decorated residence in point arena, the one and a half story house has a
side facing gabled roof with gabled dormer.  Decorative millwork adorns the
bargeboards at the gables ends.  Scrolled brackets at the corners of the
buildings support the eaves.  A front porch extends across the entire front
of the house and is supported by the turned posts.  A porch roof is
supported by scrolled brackets atop each of the turned posts.  At the center
of the porch roof is a small triangular pediment.  Windows are wood framed,
two over two.  At the western faade the lower two windows have shall shed
roofed canopies supported by decorative brackets.  Beneath the roof volume
and overhanging eaves the siding is vertical.  The rest of the house is clad
in horizontal wood siding.  Alternations appear to be minimal.  The porch
foundation has been altered, but the change detracts little from the overall
integrity of the structure.  This house is one of point arenas most
important buildings.  It makes a strong contribution to the historic
district and is individually significant as well.


The house was constructed for the Wharf Master, whose work was central to
the economic well being of Point Arena from the 1860s to the 1920s.  Because
of its location on a rise above the cove, the Wharf Master could be at home
and still literally oversee the activities at the port.  The house was
probably built in the mid 1870s.  Reputedly it was prefabricated in San
Francisco and shipped to Point Arena as a kit.  Certainly nothing else in
town matches it for ornamentation.  Turned posts, scrolled brackets,
elaborate window moldings, decorative barge boards , and a dentil course all
make an appearance.  These Eastlake elements typified fancy house built
during the area in the larger and less remote, California cities, but were
unusual in point arena where residents were generally contented with
functionality.  Finally, this house, overlooking the ocean and surrounded by
gnarled trees and shrubs gives an excellent idea of what was considered
picturesque in the middle of the 19th Century




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      • Oversize 4 poster feather beds
      • Private decks
      • Large Jacuzzi tubs
      • Satellite TV in every room
      • Romantic fireplaces
      • Walk out to the Pacific Ocean
      • Romantic luxurious rooms
      • Easy access to water activities
      • Tasteful decorations & trim
      • Internet access in lobby
      • Daily delicious breakfast

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